Vickie Guillory & the Sugar Cats

Vickie Guillory has been performing in various choirs and theaters since she was 10 years old. By the age of 21, she was touring the Pacific Northwest with 2 different bands. After a few years of touring, she decided to take a little time off.

Vickie currently performs in clubs, events and private parties around Northern California.

Groove Juicy, Hook Boogie & the Natural Mystics, Crash Party, Alex & the Musicians, Fox Force 5 and Sunday at Ed's, are just a few of the bands she has performed in, throughout the years.

Vickie formed her band, Vickie & the Sugar Cats, 12 years ago. She uses professional musicians from all over Northern California to be her backing band. This keeps everything exciting, fun and fresh. It also, insures that her band will sound great.

"The singer was soulful and the crowd was really feeling it." _Bohemian